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Crypto alarm clock. Internet of Shit hackathon: the hacks and the | technariumas

There were 11 entries at the hackathon — a lot of brightest minds of our generation working hard to make useless stuff!

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When the currency gained from running the service is not covering the electricity costs, the cord switches itself off using a relay. Not because of any flaws in IT security no default passwords herebut for crypto alarm clock unshielded V wires sticking out of the project, making it the most dangerous IoS device around. Also it was network-connected and all the passwords were the default ones.

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The demo started with a leak of some vaping fluid. It tweets.

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It works even when electricity fails because show must go on. The speaker is disabled because if the owner hears the alarm, they can put the fire out and ruin the party.

They were also considering selling those to nuclear power plants. They won both the least shitty product consolation prize and the public prize!

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She wrote an emoji Twitter bot. Mantas of Porno Nest fame collaborated with the best designers around to create an interactive punching bag. Sewing by Kazirka. Laced with WD, coated with bronze spray paint.

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They won the Social Courage Award! The CryptoSpätkauf project by opit and miceuz with a lot of consulting by veox is a smart contract service providing a means for people to share their liquor stash after hours.

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As the Lithuanian government tries to save the country from the spectre of alcoholism by introducing a barrage of restrictions and prohibitionswe showed that the street finds its own use for things.

Our first Solidity project.

Tačiau vis dažniau tokius šūksnius lydi stipri ironija. Vos keturios pergalės per keturiolika rungtynių ir aštuntoji vieta Italijos čempionate. Būtent pirmųjų trijų vietų savininkai užsitikrins vietą Čempionų lygoje kitam sezonui. Sirgaliai netyli Italijos futbolo grandai su savo sirgaliais privalo skaitytis. Aistruoliai audringai serga, kai sekasi, nenusisuka, kai komanda pralaimi, tačiau kai pralaimėjimų serija užsitęsia — reikalauja paaiškinimo.

Buggy as fuck. You can press multiple buttons at the same time and they do nothing! A unicorn- and Kickstarter-material.

A special thanks to our venerable jury Marukas, Auguste, gokuMark Splinter, Povilas and the Riga hackerspace crew for making this event crypto alarm clock lot brighter!