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Project Summary Data Literate project has a well-defined and very specific mission to capacitate educators in Digital Data Literacy DDLthrough continuous professional development CPD initiatives and hands-on, collaborative approach which will allow not just teachers, but also school leaders and students to increase their Digital Competences, in particular 2022 best crypto investment related with digital data literacy for education. Project Summary 2022 best crypto investment The active spread of COVID infection and the resulting containment measures have made it clear that both supply and demand are experiencing shocks and global production networks are being disrupted on an unprecedented scale.

It is a short paper where we share key results of the platform, news Read more Audited Heavy Annual Report was a tremendous year for HeavyFinance, with several key platform developments and rapid growth in investor and loan numbers.

Therefore, the project aims to assess the challenges and implications of the COVID pandemic for international trade and foreign direct investment FDI in Eastern European countries and to model future scenarios and possible development trends. The study aims to identify indicators of international trade and FDI and their correlations before the COVID pandemic and perform a comparative analysis of Eastern European countries; to determine the impact of COVID on the selected indicators and to assess their interrelationship in Eastern European countries.

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-11

In addition, the competitive position of selected sectors in Eastern European countries in the development of international trade and in attracting FDI before and after the COVID pandemic will be assessed; an analysis of exporters' economic expectations regarding the post-COVID assessment of export and investment development opportunities will be carried out. Project Summary — The use of gamification elements has recently attracted more and more attention from business practitioners and academics as an effective tool to increase brand interest and involve consumers in planned activities.

The scientific relevance of gamification elements is also emphasized by the fact that inthe A-level Journal of Business Research published a special issue related to gamification.

The importance of gamification elements in marketing is most often analyzed in the service sector: education, tourism, banking, social marketing.

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Meanwhile, the impact of gamification elements in the case of online stores was analyzed very randomly. The use of gamification elements is strongly associated with increased involvement of participants in certain activities, but involvement does not yet guarantee consumer loyalty to the organization. It is therefore not clear whether gamification elements can have a positive effect on loyalty, and which types of loyalty could be affected.

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In addition, recent research suggests that the impact of gamification elements on consumer behavior is ambiguous, ranging from very positive to very negative. The analysis of such a phenomenon will undoubtedly contribute to the development of ecommerce both in Lithuania and in other countries.

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Thanks to the project, a typology of gamification elements will be created, taking into account their impact, and the classification of gamification element users will be clarified. The project will allow to assess the importance of demographic and cultural factors in assessing the impact of gamification elements, and to develop adapt tools for assessing the impact of gamification elements.

As a result of the project, a model of the impact of gamification elements on online store loyalty will be developed, taking into account different types of loyalty.

The results of the project will provide recommendations for online retailers on the application of gamification elements.

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The obtained results will pave the way for further e-loyalty research in other service areas and provide useful insights for company managers on the use of gamification elements to increase employee loyalty. The project will also provide social benefits, as gamification elements can be an educational tool for novice shoppers online.

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Project Summary — Today, economic activity is predominantly characterized by a linear transformation of natural resources to production, consumption, and waste.

The paradigm of circular economic activity seeks to overcome this by promoting reduction and reuse of materials, remanufacturing and recycling of products, but the consequences of its wide-scale implementation for economic dynamics, business cycles, wealth, and welfare remain unclear, and a deep understanding of the paths from linear to circular economy CE is still lacking.

This project analyzes the effects of moving small open economies from linear processing of resources to the CE. On the national level many member states identified priorities related to the CE in their Smart Specialisation Strategies.

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However, the EU is confronted with a double challenge for policymaking: supporting the laggards, e. Accordingly, we assume that national policy strategies influence significantly the CE implementation.

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This project will proceed in two phases. First, the theoretical analysis and the data needed for this kind of 2022 best crypto investment are created. Second, a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model for a small open economy is developed in order to evaluate the consequences of moving further with implementing CE principles.

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To achieve this overall goal, the project proceeds along the following tasks: To clarify the concept of CE based on an extensive literature review, encompassing the interactions between micro, meso, and macro levels, prekybos variantas dvejetainis triukas to refresh an analysis of strategic documents.

To create a novel database of CE functioning in Lithuania.

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To identify drivers and challenges of the CE policy in Lithuania by carrying out a survey among experts. To develop a state-of-the-art dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model for a small open economy with CE elements so that the macroeconomic effects of moving to a higher CE implementation level can be evaluated. To introduce strategic proposals and recommendations for moving to a higher CE implementation level. Factors, influencing the willingness to disclose personal data, and impact of the willingness on the choice of a purchasing channel Factors, influencing the willingness to disclose personal data, and impact of the willingness on the choice of a purchasing channel Project Title — Factors, influencing the willingness to disclose personal data, and impact of the willingness on the choice of a purchasing channel Application Code — No S-MIP Research Group — dr.

Sigitas Urbonavičius, dr.

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Vatroslav Škare, dr. Mindaugas Degutis, dokt. Ignas Zimaitis, dokt. Vaida Kaduškevičiūtė Project Goal — The goal of the project is to find out what factors influence the willingness to disclose personal data, when it is collected for commercial purposes, and how the willingness influences purchasing.