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Pradžia darbas torino serio. Lithuania and Poland in the XX century geopolitical imagination

Could anybody count poems and songs about the rumbling-away trains?

Jūs prašot, o aš filmuoju - SUBARU IŠ JAV

All of them are rich in loneliness of departure, thirst for undiscovered countries. It is simply impossible to compare them with busses and even planes; probably ships accompanied by whitish seagulls could compete with trains.

It is probably trains which have magic power on the Lithuanian world-view and mentality. However, it seems that Stasys did not associate trains either with nostalgic songs or missed far-away countries. It was much more fun when truck drivers allowed him to sit at the wheel of a large truck which transported freight from the near-by peat bog run by his father or Matuizos brick plant.

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It was in this plant that Stasys worked during summer holidays and so bought motorbike and later even a motorcycle. Stasys also repaired them himself. At that time, the motorcycle was a great dream of every kid, only not all of them realised it. Meanwhile Stasys, as a student of engineering-mechanics at Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute today Vilnius Gediminas Technical Universityduring the summer practical training in Varėna motor-transport company earned money enough to buy, with some help from his parents, at-that-time modern motorcycle IZH.

Nevertheless, even more important than the new motorcycle was the life experience to work as the mechanic on duty, dispatcher, master, chief master, etc. And Stasys stayed in Švenčionys. They got engaged into conversation. At that moment Stasys did not thought much about such-kind goodbye. As Stasys refused it was declared that he would have to make the obligatory military service in Severnij Dvinsk, north of Russia.

Happily the former military commissariat head was replaced by, according to Stasys Dailydka, well-cultured and educated Lithuanian officer and Stasys both Lithuanian Economic Review escaped the military service and did not become a police officer. Most probably, we would have one more general in Lithuania.

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And undoubtedly that would have affected the Lithuanian transport landscape. Firstly, the history of Pakruojis motor-transport sector would pradžia darbas torino serio been pained in duller colours. The company which at that time provided services to two large breakstone quarries was in a rather bad situation, was over heads and ears in never-ending constructions where people not only built but also stole.

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Happily, the former head of the enterprise Šimeliūnas and who at that time worked as the chief engineer was a man of word and heart.

He was of very large help to the new director Stasys Dailydka who was only 23 years of age and, by the way, was not a party-member what was a very rare phenomenon among the then directors.

Already the first step of the young director was absolutely unexpected — he went to the respective minister to report his plans about the never-ending constructions. The minister approved of them. The meeting was arranged in a local café in Pakruojis. Although, most probably, local authorities, then heads of Panevėžys Construction Trust were well-entertained, however the meeting produced tangible results — within the incomplete year construction of production and administrative buildings, washing-house, petrol station were nearly completed, the territory was covered with asphalt and even roses from a botanical garden were delivered.

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People started a new life, formed a local musical ensemble. Stasys Dailydka gladly recalls the former members of the ensemble: the electrician E. Stasys Dailydka smoothly accommodated himself to the new region, however the then authorities saw him to be a man with organisational skills, capable to find the best solutions and decided that he could of great help in other spheres and regions. Stasys Dailydka was again suggested to choose among organisations in Kaunas, Alytus and Vievis.

After some deliberations, he chose Vievis, moreover that his wife who was a doctor was invited to work in the newly opened clinics in nearby Abromiškės. Vievis appeared to have even more serious problems: the production was scattered in several territories, most people in the enterprise administration were war veterans, pensioners and people who did not understand and did not want to understand what was happening around.

Nearly all of them had to be replaced; only a few out of geriausi forex signalai tiekėjas administration staff survived. There was no other way out. Stasys Pradžia darbas torino serio invited his friend from the years of studies to work as the chief economist who today is the head of Audit Division in the Customs Department.

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Heads of other divisions, chief engineer were also replaced. Approximately in half a year, the new administration was ready for serious works. In that time, even if an ordinary war veteran was touched, one could feel the heavy hand from Moscow. Stasys does not give this fight prominence and even does not try to look for a more comfortable posture of a hero only hints that he binance chia coin the flat much later than promised.

It was the year when the situation became warmer, when annexed countries, Lithuania included, gained more political and economic freedoms. The Russian enterprise which director and deputy director were Lithuanians agreed for the meeting.

This was how the first small window to Poland was opened. Soon after, during the business trip, Stasys was informed that Lithuania became independent.

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Everywhere where a more practical person was needed, Stasys Dailydka was of great help. The truth also was that the then governing bodies also contained radical people who were ready to radically change the established and well-functioning transport system. The long-lasting tension did its job — Stasys Dailydka had to keep the hospital bed. The enterprise was loss-making, directors changed each half year and on that particular day a new director for the enterprise should have been chosen.

Stasys called his wife. I hired many advisors for them, of which one came even from Ireland. All of them worked and improved skills together. We started an active life, resumed flights, improved financial settlements, the only Russian-speaking staff was left was in the accounting division.

The financial help pradžia darbas torino serio from the Netherlands.

Milanas įdomus. Atidarykite kairįjį meniu

By the way, in ten years the same Dutch minister acted as a mediator for Lithuanian Railways to get support for passenger transportation. After all, each signature meant huge responsibility. I knew by heart every smallest detail. Engineers of the company participated in international training, they were awarded respective certificates which proved their high professional training. Already at that time, aircraft not only underwent routine technical maintenance but we were 16 also getting ready to perform their capital repairs.

Today it seems natural that Boeings from Russia or Ukraine come to Lithuania for repairs. Later, with the help of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, we founded Aviation Institute, invited Lithuanian lecturers to work in it. The Professor Stankūnas who was one of us, aviatechnician, was invited to be the Director of the Institute, while I was awarded the title of the Member of Honour of the Institute.

At that time we were even attacked that it was impossible to educate pilots in Lithuania. Meanwhile, the company started opening representation offices in foreign countries and generating profit. Aviation is hard and sensitive business where everything must be done with great precision, calculation, analysis pradžia darbas torino serio where additional sources of income are always needed.

So we organized charter flights, delivered cargo and offered all-kind other services. Today they are already different, their work conditions have changed and even an engine-driver wears a tie in his work. Some people from our Directorate were pradžia darbas torino serio to work in the central management office.

Šarūnas Bartas – Vikipedija

One of them was the chief financial officer who was the best expert in taxation issues. Earlier, businessmen did what they wanted to do and the order price was the matter of mutual agreement. For instance, today Virginijus Juška is Deputy Director of Freight Transportation Directorate while his first position in the railway sector was an assistant to the engine-driver. All these are young, diligent and promising specialists. At the moment, the largest freight flows go between Klaipėda and Belarus and made Stasys Dailydka recalls that in the beginning it was one train per week while today there are even several trains per day.

Railway companies and border customs offices have developed efficient cooperation and it takes just half an hour to cross the external EU border. The process is fully coordinated by implementing wellorganized freight handling, registration and pre-declaration procedures.

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Thus what are the reasons which hinder the development of freight transportations between Klaipėda and Iljyichevsk? Stays Dailydka says that the Lithuania customs officers offer their Ukrainian colleagues training and help. Europe is even expecting cargoes from more distant countries, like China and Kazakhstan.

Freight transportation by the transport corridor Traseca and IX pan-European corridor through Klaipėda Seaport to Western Europe is one of the most promising routes for railway freight transportations. What is its expected freight pradžia darbas torino serio If Poland is to face larger traffic congestions and if the price of vignettes for freight vehicles is to increase, some part of these freights will be transported by railways, particularly when the new terminal on the intersection of TransBaltica and Via Baltica will be constructed in Mauručiai.

Under Marco Polo and other programmes, special ramps will be constructed for loading haulers onto platforms and special carriages will be used.

Transportation of freight by trains is much quicker and safer. I think that in Lithuanian railways will deliver up to 10 million tones of freight. On the other hand, other countries are already planning to introduce taxes on haulers for the damage they make to roads, also due to the global warming problems.

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It is clear that lobbyists of all structures have their word, however I think that the common sense should win. For example, one locomotive pulls wagons and its engine has the capacity of haulers. Two new locomotives may pull up to 10 thousand tones and the capacities of old ones were twice smaller. We are also conducting modernization of old locomotives. Years ago, an engine-driver should perform the functions of a technician, Lithuanian Economic Review electrician, while today he operates computer-run machinery and looks after traffic requirements.

His office is air-conditioned, has a microwave oven, a refrigerator. Lithuanian Railways is investing into the traffic control centralization, technical and functional modernization of stations. We are completing the reconstruction of Kena Station, the high-capacity distribution station with the so-called unique control panel will be arranged in Vaidotai. The whole system pradžia darbas torino serio be fully automated and no longer wagons will be blocked manually.

We have completed the reconstruction of Radviliškis Distribution Station; large-scale modernization is done in Rimkai Station Klaipėda Seaport where million litas will be invested by The enterprise takes all care to improve the work conditions: makes special work clothes, introduces small mechanization, information technologies, security measures, video cameras which are used to monitor pradžia darbas torino serio work process, transit transportations and also help the border police.

The communication will improve in stations; the system introduced in diesel locomotives will enable the controller in Vilnius the traffic control centre in Šiauliai ahs already been closed to observe the situation in the pradžia darbas torino serio and, in case of emergency, stop the train without the help of an engine-driver.

Implementation of modern and promising projects needs substantial financing.

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The company transported Transit transportations accounted for the largest share. Alas, during the pending economic recession they are not expected to grow. Stasys Dailydka, however, does not paint the future in black colours — the economic slow-down will not last long and will not bring crucial consequences. Lithuanian Railways has decided to earn additional money by, for example, delivering commodities in containers for tradesmen from Klaipėda to Vilnius.

The Director General of the company is determined to preserve all workers, diligent and well-trained specialists only low-qualification elderly workers will loose their work in the result neįtikėtinos bollinger grupės modernization of railways. Stasys Dailydka also holds the diploma of Management Academy but it seems that he has learnt to value and evaluate a true specialist significantly earlier.